like in many other parts of the world, golf is an equally popular pastime in the Australia. The perfect game is possible on the perfect golf courses. Over the last few years a number of new golf courses have been set up and some old ones have been improved. Some popular golf course designer   in Australia where number of people visit every day for their favorite game are as follows:

  1. Royal Melbourne golf club is located in Victoria. It is the 9th best golf course in the world. The course is split into two different wings being the eastern and the western ones. This golf course was set up in 1926 that aimed at giving the best times to people of all ages. This golf course was completed under the supervision of Mackenzie and Alex Russell. Today this golf course is the hub of several national and international golf tournaments that happen every year.
  2. Kingston Heath Golf Club is the third popular golf course locating in the heart of Melbourne. Located next to the beautiful Melbourne Sand belt it is known for the excellent scenery and the outclass course condition. This course covers 18 holes. Every year a number of national and international games are organized on this golf course.
  3. The National Golf club in the Mornington Peninsula stands at number 87 in the global golf course ranking. This 18 hole golf course is a masterpiece in itself. The visitors not just enjoy the golf course but also the unique and eye catching view if the vineyards and the beaches.
  4. Victoria golf club takes its name from the area of its location. It is the 11th most visited and most praised golf course in Australia. It is the outcome of the amazing minds and creativity of the Oscar Damman and the amazing Bill Meader. It is   the best place to enjoy the free times under the beautifully crafted bunkers, lush green surroundings, and the weather resistant features.
  5. Metropolitan golf club is the finest golf course to spend the time. In 96 bunkers the visitors come and enjoy the excellent golf time. This golf course was established in 1908.  Before this, this part of the city was   nothing but a sandy piece of land. The architectural skills of the great engineer named J.B.MacKenzie transformed this piece of land into a great home of hobby. Today this golf course has no traces of the sandy land.

These golf courses make a great place for the golf lovers. They receive several golf players every year. The players love the way these golf courses facilitate them.  These golf course design Sydney have all that is required for the great tournaments.